Windows XP SP3 and MSN 7.5

Hi, after secsefully setting up msn-server on a VM and got everything working on Windows 7 x64, I wanted to try with Windows XP instead, but after generating SSL Cert on the server, transferring it into the XP client, and installing it with this command: certutil -addstore “Root” “c:\cacert.cer” (where “c:\cacert.cer” where I have my certificate stored)
I tried to connect with prepatched MSN 7.5 Client and got this error:

on the server
after reading online I discovered that it was, that windows XP has a SSL problem (because I can connect fine with the same server config on windows 7)

So how can I generate SSL Cert that will work on Windows XP? (or is there any patch for XP SP3 to allow it to use newer generated SSL Certificates?)

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards

The certificate is only Server Side… u configure the ips? the retail server script work on localhost, u need change ips to work in other pc

I have a DNS Server that points the right domain to the right ip so
The Server works on a separate VM behind a Router (Mikrotik CHR) that has a DNS Server)

ohhh well well… maybe not recognice the domain… “escargot” preconfigured…

yep points to (my server ip)
but on windows 7 it works fine with the same server

I wonder why you don’t need to import any Root certificate when singing in with escargot server?
BTW: when using custom server chat doesn’t work and I can’t voice and videocall