Windows XP Pack time!

This time while developing this pack i decided i’d make a type of development log. Currently i’m installing Windows XP on my Retro Laptop That Runs Retro Windows Versions™.

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As i wait for windows to reflash to my flash drive because i may or may not have formatted my install media i’m gonna start making the software collection. Post software you want to see appear in the pack.

i’ve finally got install going (on the right drive i hope). I hope the Windows 2000 boot menu option changes to xp and the boot option from the failed installation disappears too

It’s alive! The install completed just fine and i was able to remove the option from the failed install

So… what’s next?

I install drivers, write up a program list and start coding

I mean , what’s the next pack?

after xp pack? don’t know yet. epictaco says he’ll make windows vista pack so i guess windows 7 pack or windows 3.1 pack

i have a first list done. here are my picks:
Google Chrome
MSN Messenger + Patcher

This will most likely not be the final list. I will probably add more stuff but this is what i have so far

Replace Firefox and Chrome with more up to date replacements.

there really isnt such thing as an up to date web browser for windows xp (besides mypal)

yeah ill just make the vista pack (im epictaco but on an alt)

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After a short break to work on another project i’m ready to finish up coding. I feel like it doesn’t have enough programs. If anyone has a program they want to see reply it’s name in the thread

Coding is done. now i just have to test it with a few friends and make a website

Can I test