Windows XP Pack is out!

Windows XP Pack is out! I wanted to put more stuff in but I wanted to get it out on Saturday so there will probably be an update tomorrow. You can get the latest version on the website.

Hey if we fusion XP Live And Windows XP Pack?

i think they should stay separate

ok ok

i should have access to a computer soon so i can start on windows vista pack

i can help you

do you know how to code in visual studio?

not for code

yeah i need to code an easy installer so people dont have to waste time digging in the iso for the installers for the programs.

and make it auto run too

coding is the hardest part and the part someone would need assistance with. i assume epictaco doesn’t need help with coding

yeah i dont. i just need a proper computer to do it on.

none of this is worth it

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go eat cheese if all you want to do is bash our stuff. inject cheese into your vein.

sir, i’ve actually made mods, and contributed a few weeks of time into them. nLiting your garbage into an XP ISO is nothing compared to manually creating assets and injecting them into the setup files. that right there is effort.

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im not even using nlite.