Windows XP and Messenger 4.7


That means Windows XP with SP2 comes with 4.7.3000


RTM = 4.0.0155
SP1 = 4.7.0041
SP2 = 4.7.3000
SP3 = 4.7.3001
x64 = 4.7.3001


Actually 4.7.2009-3001 is Working, You have to patching like MSN 5.0 so it’s will work
This version begin updating Authentication. Go read the Escargot FAQ.

This also apply for MSN 4.7.3000(3001 as well)


@Dung Thanks for your help, I figured out that you can’t use the registry patch and the modified program at the same time


Ok, now that I have messenger (4.7.3001 on windows xp sp3) working, there’s a greater issue. It seems when I sign out and try to sign back in, it tells me my username/password is incorrect or the account doesn’t exist. There is a very tedious temporary “fix” I’ve run across: I have to disconnect from my wireless network and turn off my wireless adapter (put it into airplane mode) and hit sign in not once, but twice so that I get the message that tells me the service couldn’t be found and to connect to the internet. I then have to take the computer out of airplane mode and reconnect to my wireless network, and then it works. Does anyone know what may be causing this and how it might be fixed?