Windows Messenger 4.7.3001 on Windows XP will not login

Hey everyone, it’s been a while, hope you’re all well. Earlier today I was trying to get on Windows Messenger and it wouldn’t log in; that “username/password incorrect” message even though they are both correct. This computer that I was using is patched as far as I know. I put in the registry patch, and i’m pretty sure thats all I needed to do. Any suggestions? Am I missing something? Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: also thought I should mention that i wiped the computer since I patched it initially a few years ago. I put in the patch earlier today but I don’t know what else I’m missing.

aww for 4.7 you need use 5.0 fix. Just install 4.6 with registry patch

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Thanks so much, it worked!