Windows Live Writer 2012 not install blog theme


read title that hapends when writer 2012 try install blog theme


Use Open Live Writer.


maybe this can help you:


Try doing that on an older version (e.g. 2008), and it will work.


i’m having the same issue with live writer 2011


i will create a new blog in wordpress


well I found out how to kind-of fix it

After I set up Live Writer 2009, I found that it too couldn’t download the blog theme. Also, the config had changed itself to the main site. To fix it, I went into the config again and changed the homepage set to<username here> and set the remote posting path to<username here>/xmlrpc.php and then Live Writer was able to download the theme.
That’s how it should look at the end:




user or blog


hey guys i got WLW 2012 working but not with escargot espaces, but with my new blog in wordpress link:

Theme is donwloaded with sucess


posted with no problem


did you set the config in WLW for escargot spaces to WordPress or WordPress 2.2+? because it has to be WordPress 2.2+


WordPress 2.2+