Windows live messenger 8.5 windows xp

how do i do to make windows live messenger 8.5 get on windows xp? It’s giving an error 80048821

Unfortunately, due to some complications with Escargot and XP’s mostly limited HTTPS support, 8.5 on XP isn’t possible right now. Even with the IE settings “patches”, it doesn’t work.

Best you stick with 7.5 for use on XP for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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will you have MSN 8.5 for windows xp or MSN 9 for XP in the future?

Live versions of Messenger require a feature called SNI, which is not supported in Internet Explorer of Windows XP. WLM 2009 requires this feature and if any way to circumvent this limitation is not found, Windows XP users will still continue on MSN 7.5 and earlier.

me passa teu whatsapp de novo?

if you close the contact window it will sign in and you can have conversations but you won’t have your contacts