Windows Live Essentials 2009

Ok, so I did not know where to put this. but do you want that sweet SWEET sweet movie maker? and also to match Escargot and get those Windows Essential 2009 components? Here you go good sir
Windows Essentials 2009

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I miss Windows Live Essentials. I used to edit my videos with movie maker. Those were simpler times… also another fellow PaRappa fan here :stuck_out_tongue:


I never played the games but PaRappa looks like an awesome series!

we can use all of the essentials soon once wlm 09 support on escargot come out :stuck_out_tongue:


I am extremely hyped for WLM 09 to come out, I can imagine me using the essentials once they come out, lolza


the devs still have to fix that patching bug, besides that, we can expect it soon

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O H B O Y!
and yes, this is a complete sentence.