Windows 95 PCem Tutorial (Deleted 95% edition)

This got messed up so i guess no tutorial

  1. I don’t think linking to copyrighted content is allowed here.
  2. Why not just use the Windows 95 CD instead of the floppy version?
  1. well
  2. why not

Then does that mean Escargot is forbidden on here since MSN is technically copyrighted? :thinking:

im linking to a full download of windows 95 you realize and the serial too

Umm… Nope. That’s something completely different :stuck_out_tongue:

Win95 is effectively abandonware, plus the links are hosted elsewhere, there’s really no issue in this case.


but it’s still Microsoft’s property

all the images got messed up

tf you mean, it was fine for me

well we can see the edit history

Windows 95 is abandoned by everyone, even Microsoft doesn’t care about it. No one does care about Windows 95 except us, and few other groups.

If someone made kernelex for win95 then it would be “ded”