Windows 8.1 somehow got deactivated (even with a REAL Windows 8 key bought in 2012) and i'm trying to activate it


So on my old gaming PC i installed a brand-new 1 TB HDD with cache so i decided to reinstall Windows. I decided not to reinstall Windows 10 (copy was out-of-date) but to install Windows 8…

I had a copy of Windows 8.0 (I could just upgrade it to 8.1 with the Windows Store) so i decided to put that into my USB and it appears that it was somehow corrupted… So i had to go to the official Microsoft site to get a Windows 8.1 ISO. Fast forward because my WIFI was slow because Vivaldi. I was able to install Windows 8.1…

The key i used was a REAL key i have on my old emails back in 2012… and it worked. There was no “Windows 8.1 Pro” watermark. The watermark just reappeared when i was installing Steam just to test a game. I jumped into “PC Settings” to find this…image

it says that “Windows can’t activate. Try again later.”, Which is very generic and doesn’t even say anything if i press “Error details”. Which doesn’t do anything so that’s broken.
I took a look in the control panel there was this option.
It doesn’t work… I thought linking to my Microsoft Account would work but it seems to be useless and seems to be a 10-only thing.

So it seems i’m on a dead-end. What should i do?
Disclaimer: I will NOT crack Windows… Screw that “KMS CRACK” crap thing.


Update: I’ve tried Microsoft Forums… I’m waiting for a anwser

As you can see. I said that “Windows 8 only activates when the BIOS as a OEM key”. It’s because i was able to install Windows 8.1. the same damn operating system. Into a Dell laptop. And it activated after the wifi drivers were installed.

The problem is my computer is a hand-built computer from 2010-2011. Not some slow Dell laptop or acer tower from 2014.


(SALT TIME :salt::salt::salt:)
It appears that Microsoft Support is fucking rude with me.

So now instand of giving me helpful infomation they give me a fucking generic “plz reinstall windows” message.

What the fuck? They also gave the link I USED for getting MY ISO OF WINDOWS 8.FUCKING 1

There’s also 2 links, For making me a USB. Useless! I can just make a USB with rufus! It’s more faster…

  1. You start your own thread; not tack it on to someone else’s problem.

When i logged on. There was no make thread option. Hey, at least he splitted my comment.

  1. We do NOT work for Microsoft.

The irony is that… He has this on the bottom of the reply.

  1. Read all of this:
    Support and downloads for 8 has ended.
    Do a clean install of the exact same edition of 8.1 as 8 is.
    Windows 8 > 8.1 is a free upgrade released by Microsoft.

I don’t give a fuck about 8. I never talked about “downgrading to 8.0”. Is he a fucking AI or what?

(reinstall windows 8.1 shit)

If you have a retail Windows 8 product key and want to clean install Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Update , then you would need to enter a generic key below to install unactivated with, and change the product key later on in step 22 below to activate with your Windows 8 key.

I have a goddamn retail 8 key. This part seems to be related to reinstalling Windows…

22. If you have an Enterprise edition or needed to use a generic key to install with from step 4 above, then you will now need to change the product key to enter your key and activate it.

I did all of that shit… It said “Windows can’t activate”.

" How to Activate Windows 8 and 8.1 by Phone"

What a fucking joke… Don’t they know i don’t have a fucking phone?

If you do wish to/need to keep a record of it:
“Windows 10 Embedded Product Key Tool”

If it says “Windows 10”. It only works on Windows Fucking 10… Also also don’t tell me in that screenshot it’s 8.1… 100% chance it’s Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Here’s my reply of all of that useless unhelpful piece of shit…

I never asked to reinstall Windows 8.1, I asked how do i activate my already installed copy of 8.1…

Also it always says “Windows can’t activate, Try again later”. I tried again later but it always says the same… fucking … message!


How are they supposed to know? You never specified that on your reply and their most likely guess is that you have one, considering most ppl have one these days.

Rly? I found it in no time. Didn’t you thought that it may be expressed in another way?


That’s not Microsoft support, that’s a forum member trying to help you. So maybe you should stop being a little bitch and appreciate that they at least responded to your thread.

Check the recent updates. You probably installed the update that broke activation. Or maybe you haven’t installed updates at all.


um, that’s the forums, not MS Support.
The guy who replied to the thread doesn’t work for Microsoft. Also, you shouldn’t hijack someone else’s thread.
And of course, starting fresh is a good way to rule out most problems that programs you install can create.

Not everyone knows how to create a USB. They don’t know if you know if you can make a USB in rufus.

Yes, things can be phrased differently while keeping the same meaning.

He isn’t talking about downgrading to 8.0 either. He’s simply telling you to install the same edition of 8.1 as your 8 key is.

…did you even read this?

No, they don’t know you don’t have a phone, you didn’t tell them, and they assume you have a phone because most people have cellphones or landlines.

Umm… it works on Windows 7. I just tried.

All in all, you should appreciate that this person even replied to your question.
Also, as Raymonf said, check your updates, maybe an update broke activation. I’m out.


I have no updates that breaks activation.


How are you so sure?


actually, it’s you being fucking rude to Microsoft Support. the person you were contacting isn’t even part of Microsoft’s team, he’s a community member who was assisting you with what you were tackling at. stop trying to be ignorant and actually listen to help when you need it.


Well the only did he was doing was waste my time making me “reinstall windows”.
Meanwhile there’s a new message.

It’s always the bullshit “Activate by Phone” but i never plan to get a phone number because how useless it is.

The 2nd and 3rd links don’t do anything and the 3rd link is related to Windows 10. So i’ll be paying for making a already bought Windows 8 key from 2012 working again.

The 3rd link mentions the 2nd link… Which is very unhelpful.

Because even though there are two updates installed. These two updates were included with the ISO. (Janaury 12 was when i installed the copy i’m currently having trouble).

And well…

It’s always stuck on “checking for updates”. So i’m going to install KB3138615 to update the Windows Update client.

I fell like a fucking attention whorer these days on MessengerGeek.


aren’t activation codes 1 time use


Nope. It’s 1 key per computer.


If my copy of 8.0 wasn’t corrupted then it should have worked. So i possibly installed 8.1 when Microsoft’s Actviation servers were… well broken?


what about calling 911 or emergency in the future? how is it gonna be?


I think you can call 911 without having a sim card. I don’t really know but i said “Phone Number”. not “Phone Device”.


So you have a phone, just not a number? How the hell does that work?


By not having a SIM card. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should get one then (unless you can’t)


How about you just use Skype to call the toll-free number?