Window ME MSN 7.0

Problem description: I downloaded v7 from the site, patched by editing with the hex editor. MSN won’t connect.

Error code/error message: Can not connect to messenger at this time, Error: 80072efd, or 80096004 (depending on SSL, TLS variations selected)

What has been tried so far: Uninstall/reinstall, enable TLS, Disable SSL versions with various selections.

Messenger version: 7.0.0820

Windows version: ME

7.0 does not work on ME due to incompatible ciphers, please use 4.7.106 or older and make sure you enabled old msn support on your account, getting 5.0+ to work on 2000 is hit or miss, and 7.0 should work fine on XP if you spam the login button and disable ssl and enable tls

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i’ve found a 5.0 version for windows 98/ME However i didn’t tested

no, that still wont work because of the same issues, also its unpatched

I was able to get 4.7 working. Thank you!

happy to help :stuck_out_tongue: