Will the now unpopular web design of the 2000s or otherwise return one day?

I think about this frequently especially with the new decade and all
modern flat design is :sleeping:
Of course the internet will never be “decentralized” again but at least the aesthetic could return
i dont think it will
what do you think

(first post, be nice :slight_smile: )


God hear you. I am literally fed up with today’s web. I felt so much more pleasure navigating in dial-up 56k through those pages full of gifs and html than the bloated crap it became.

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Check out Neocities! It’s a site made as like, a callback to Geocities, and there’s a lot of early 2000s designs going on there by other early net enthusiasts.


its funny you say that
ive been working on one in my spare time :heartpulse:
maybe i will share it here when i finish

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I’ll take any aesthetic if it involves removing the “web notifications”, “sign up for our newsletter”, “authorize your location permission”, “click here for more” (of the last 2 lines of the article), “accept cookies”, “like us on facebook”, “download our app to read the full article”, “do you want to do a survey”, et al. popups that one encounters on a daily basis.

Thankfully, due to browser extensions, I don’t have to see these as much :stuck_out_tongue:


Disable your adblock!!!

i cant its on my android hosts file and i dont have root

i wish it would come back, the bloated HTML5 pages take too much resources and crap(e.g heavy javascript) compared to HTML 4.01 :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s a disable adblock blocker too :stuck_out_tongue:

this shit is my life

but what if the site says disable adblock blocker?

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greasemonkey scripts :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s almost impossible. It would be like stop using cars and prefer horses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ahem cars are a reason for global warming so this is a good thing

the world will eventually end anyways, damage has been already done. Keep in mind cars aren’t the only reason of global warming! =P

i know that. deforestation, fossil fuels, cow methane, and lotsa others.

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remember to not go off topic :wink:

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cars are nice
fuck the world

Interesting point… but i dont think its a comparable situation… design choices change all the time with trends :stuck_out_tongue:

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Indeed for this old desgin came again we need a trend, a big mass of ppl wanting this.

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