Why Escargot not support WLM?


Why Escargot not support WLM?


Hi @Kos_Furler,
Thanks for your question!

Supporting Windows Live Messenger is the ultimate goal of this project. However, as the development of MSN Messenger and later Windows Live Messenger progressed, Microsoft used different versions of the ‘language’ that the client (the software on your computer) uses to talk with the servers (at Microsoft, now at Escargot).

It turns out that from MSN Messenger 7.5 (MSNP12 protocol) to Windows Live Messenger 8.x (MSNP13/14 protocol), there are numerous changes, and we’re still working on fiddling out the details. The basic communication already works, but synchronising your contact list uses a different method in MSNP13+, so that’s where the development is currently focusing on.

As soon as anything major is achieved, be sure to read about it on these forums! :slight_smile:
Stay tuned – and maybe spend us a coffee?


OH! It is very good! And can you send me an installer? I want to test it and understand what you did at the moment. Thank you!


@Kos_Furler Sorry to disappoint you – but it’s not ready yet. Maybe @valtron can tell you more.


And how much time is left before the release of the new version?


months, thats all i want to belive.