Why cant i download Messenger Plus?


The Messenger Plus! installer contains a toolbar. Disable AVG, install MsgPlus! without install the sponsor and after, re-enable AVG.

where do i disable AVG?

Right-click the AVG icon on the taskbar. A small alert appears with the system status, click on the option to disable AVG modules.


it deleted the installer after i installed it lol but its installed now! thanks @RioMcCloud :slight_smile:
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It detects the installer because of the “sponsor” in it. So you should disable the antivirus before installing it :wink:

yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I do not install an antivirus at all.

The antivirus is sure to block, it’s a toolbar (PUP) that will just fill the browser bar that it affects - it’s something no one wants :stuck_out_tongue: