Who wants a free Website/Blog/Forum, etc.?

I’m gored (bored and gored because my hearth is bleeding :neutral_face:) so i want to do a blog for any person, the first person in post in this thread, will win a free Website/Blog/Forum, so post! :wink:

1: You need to create a InfinityFree.net Free Hosting Unlimited account and pass me the Email and password (trust me, i will not do nothing with your Website when is ended, but if you still don’t trust me, put a hard password so i will forget it xD)

2: I will create the webpage by installing Joomla in Softaculous in Control Panel (or if is a blog, Wordpress, or if is a Forum, bbPress)

3: Chat with me in Messenger (here is my contact: urdanetaa19@gmail.com) meanwhile i’m creating your website, setting your SEO Config, etc. and pass me some images and tell me details about what you want on your website/blog/forum :smiley:

And that’s it!

Yo big, but much bigger friend