Which Windows Media Player version looks you like in XP?

  • Windows Media Player 8
  • Windows Media Player 10

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you forgot windows media player 9 and 11

Isn’t this an almost-exact copy-paste of @Nojus2001’s thread?

Something fishy’s going on here.

and @Nojus2001 also forgot about windows media player 11 :confounded: , what you guys have against wmp 11

Because dont like it so

Well you see some people dont like wmp11 like me

.-. But wmp 11 is the best wmp for xp

It cant play mp4

same deal with wmp 9

Download k lite codec pack mega and boom

again , same deal with wmp 11

In my opinion wmp11 looks ugly

in my opinion wmp9 is boring , it looks too much with wmp8

Why boring ?