Which was the best cartoon or other kind of cartoon you have ever watched?


:smile:I want to know this, my friends.


Johnny bravo


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is pretty good, even though it is aimed at little girls. I stopped watching it after the seventh season because I was too lazy to watch any more.


Boku no pico




miraculous: tales of ladybug and cat noir and dragon ball z and super


Sonic X (japanese version, with subtitles :stuck_out_tongue: )


sonic, sonic and more sonic (this is
very good :stuck_out_tongue:)


Regular Show, Adventure Time and the old seasons (16 and below) of The Simpsons :stuck_out_tongue:


yellowos special edition releases




or the complete overhall theme series, trailers for those r litaf


jojo’s bizarre adventure part 4


The best cartoon I ever watched is Hey Arnold! :smile:


does Caroline counts as a cartoon? xD , its really good


yeah, Caroline does count as a cartoon. no one said movies don’t count as cartoon either. :smile:




this is truth