Which one better? #001

Facebook or Instagram, which one better? I’m decided to make social media account but there are two best social media: Facebook and Instagram. Which one better?
Poll here: https://linkto.run/p/MK2GTJ13
The answer here: https://linkto.run/r/MK2GTJ13

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they’re both shit, go with twitter

i dislike both, but if i had to choose one it would be Instagram

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Hmmmm… Both are owned by Facebook, sooo I’m gonna have to say neither. I’d rather not have all my personal information in the hands of a monopoly.


I dislike facebook and I hardly ever used Instagram, the only one I can give (some) positive input on would be twitter


facebook is mostly boring.
never used instagram, but go for that.

It’s like asking if you want cancer or cholera. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t use any.

None of them are any better (IMO) Sadly all of my classmates use Facebook (Yuck!), so I’m pretty much forced to use it, About Instagram, I have rarely used it anyways and deleted my account =P

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i dislike every social network, like facebook, instagram, vkontakte (expect for tumblr)


4chan is shit, reddit has some toxic communities, instagram is shit, facebook is shit, and honsestly if i had to choose, go with reddit or twitter

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FB, Insta, snapchat and twitter are all trash.