Which messaging service do you like the most?


My favourite is Escargot. Let’s hope this one doesn’t get out of control.


Same here with MSN Messenger (Escargot), but from testing Yahoo! Messenger and seeing its later versions’ features, that may be one of my favourites as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s hope you finish it soon. Good luck!


AOL back when it existed :stuck_out_tongue:


AOL still exists but it’s in hide mode now by kicking it’s customers off by restricting access to those who don’t pay money for AOL Desktop. it’s messenger though, it doesn’t work anymore.

but my selection is MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger.


i liked yahoo messsenger 11 but its dead now , so my choice is escargot


Well i like MSN and AIM


I like MSN and AIM too…


I like MSN/WLM the best. AIM is cool, but I don’t think it’s as good as MSN.


Yeah. Maybe I should try out AIM.


I cannot decide beetween WLM and Yahoo! Messenger, both are masterpieces of Instant Messaging :wink:


Definitely ICQ.


Well, I’m going to MSN. I have not had access to many instant messengers (for lack of knowledge). I only had contact with Yahoo! and MSN Messenger, and I became more attached to the Microsoft’s Messenger.


Skype 5.5 is my top favorite


to be honest my favourite is discord