Which is the best waifu?


1: Hifumi Takimoto

Anime: New Game!
Age: 23
She is a very shy person, so she always talks with her friends with a Messenger, works in videogames, loves cosplay and anime, pics:

2: Nana Ebina

Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan
Age: 16
She is very shy (like Hifumi), she is from Akita, Japan and likes very much the food, but gets very embarrassed when someone sees her eating a big amount of food, and when is embarrassed, his head starts to blow smoke, here some pictures:

3: Mizuku Usami

Anime: Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Age: 14
She is the only serious member of the art club. She tries her best to help her fellow art club members with their work, but is in love with one of that club, But she is ashamed to tell him his love, here some pictures:

So now, what waifu is better?

  • Hifumi Takimoto
  • Nana Ebina
  • Mizuki Usami

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(PD: Hifumi has his own iPhone case xD)


As much as those waifus are hort, nothing beats the original, self-acclaimed waifu.

@TReKiE. :stuck_out_tongue:



No way! the besto waifu is @Patchou! Patchou is so lovely! :heart:


Is he from Samurai Champloon? :stuck_out_tongue:


my waifu is hentaihaven.

j̢ust̛ ͝mo̷n̶ika̶.͟


In my personal opinion, Hifumi is the best waifu, but i like Ebina too :stuck_out_tongue:


what an horrible picture… well, that being said, of course I’d beat Trekie in a waifu contest. Common… daisuki desu! wink


The cutest couple around. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think @TReKiE will XD


i didnt know you are so dirty LOL

by the way best waifu is @OhHelloThereImTheGuy ok he will destroy these 2 weak bois with a touch ok


Well, it is a waifu battle. :smirk:

rofl. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya kno, you could be anime artist cuz those drawings are 150% better then those trashy mainstream waifus ok.


Yesh. :stuck_out_tongue:



ROFL i win by default! :stuck_out_tongue:


but there is still some danger…


Oh not not the Mecha @Deathlife23. :stuck_out_tongue:




Make sure I don’t forget to BUZZ! them. :wink: