Which is the best waifu? [UPDATED!]


OMG, doki doki was a rollercoaster of a game


mspaint >>> anything else
(missed reply)


Woah. :smile:


Fucking Monica. jajaja xD >:'V


That’s not definitely me, seriously


Yuri and Natsuki are bettah


UPDATE: New Waifu Added :wink: : Fujinomiya Neko


I vote for me.

Name: Cinnamon Chan
Shes a Cinnamoroll fan on MessengerGeek. She talks about her favorite Cinnamoroll character. When she sees Andreso. She blushs and steams hot smoke on her head like Nana Ebina.


HAHAHA Go do that via PM or something. :laughing:


sorry for reviving this post , just here to say that hatsune miku is the best waifu