Where is @valtron


Ohhh my Good. Where is @valtron ??


Is on Vacation, we don’t know nothing about him now


He’s also a human! Please, he gave us back messenger, he DESERVES some vacations… Let him breathe


its been like 2 months since we last heard from him


@Kos_Furler @BucketOfChicken Valtron may appear to be disappeared (omg strange sentence!), but things have not halted. I understand it may be difficult to bear with him for now, but please do so. We’re all waiting for WLM compatibility, and there’s reason to wait just a bit longer. Some stuff in the Messenger protocol used in WLM is really complicated, and it needs to get sorted reliably.

As soon as there’s news, you will definitely read about it on this forum – promised! :slight_smile:


i never said i could not bear him its just I want to know where he is


i am starting to get worried about valtron


have you gotten pregnant and Valtron run away?


No, valtron’s just gave up on the forums after the success of escargot, he went to develop the MSN-Server project (MSN-Escargot, yes this is a real project, but it may not be updated until “a certain point of development of the server project”.)