Where can i find it Visual Studio 2008 on windows 7?

can you found Visual Studio 2008 for windows 7? i want Visual Studio 2008 for now.


can you message from @TReKiE please?

it’s better to install lazarus-ide.org

I think he wants to write C# or VB.

no. its hard to Programming Language C#. i can Programming language without coding

Visual Studio 2019 is actually supported and works on Win7. You can download the community version. I can’t really think of any practical reason you’d want the 2008 version that isn’t better served by other versions that don’t require a license (which 2008 does).

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TReKiE i dont need 2019. i want 2008 version of Visual Studio 2008. can you find it Visual Studio 2008?

contact me in telegram if u want t.me/saddyteirusu

but from the other side, you can get VS 2019 absolutely free from microsoft itself, and it’s updated well

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