When I Leave and Why

I know a shit ton of people are leaving, but at this point I could hardly give a shit. Anyways…
Around the time Escargot’s YMSG support rolls around, so then I can release CMY
This forum is garbage. Anyone who has spent any reasonable amount of time can agree with me. With Balazs as a moderator, I hope things get better. If the forum does get better, it’ll probably be nowhere near as good as it was back when I first joined. People were very kind and respecting of other users. The words “kind” “respecting” and “MessengerGeek” don’t belong in the same sentence anymore unless there’s a “not” between the two or you’re talking pre-2018. When I leave, I plan to apologize for all the garbage things I’ve done here.
how i felt writing this post:

how it looks to everyone else:

honestly, i might join in the same boat

Yea same