WhatsApp sucks


WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web sucks

MSN is the best


But it doesnt mean u, need to post here


so true

Yahoo Messenger BTW


The new YMSG 6? IS SO YES


Stop posting useless threads -_-


No, it doesn’t. It’s a pretty good IM. Audio calls have a decent quality, you can delete messages and (this is my favourite feature) you can quote other messages so you can reply to an old message without having to copy it over to the new one.
Oh, and it has a built-in image editor (pretty basic, tho)


AHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA good joke , i cant even hear what the other person is saying

and warn the other contact that you deleted it :unamused:

skype also have this


Well, it works good for me :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the problem?

What’s the problem? (x2)


would be better if it dont warn the other contact , just delet the message from existence

nothing , just saying