What's up with everyone quitting after pedrox lost his stuff?

What even? Why even? What even happened? I’m just really confused and i’m filling this thread because the title says it all


I believe that some people just gave up on the forums, there was too much stupidity and drama, its like a twig and onces there enough pressure, it snaps. the twig was their sanity, and the pressure was the drama, too much drama and it snaps


To further add on, alot of people came from 2018 (maybe 2017?) and so this forum went from heaven to a toxic wasteland, it doesnt feel like it gives off a pleasant area for anyone to talk anymore, i’d say the forums went downhill when sswag and mine_master existed.


most of us came from 2017


well actually you may be right
everyone started joining in 2018

i stalked the forums since 2018, but never really signed up until recently (early 2020), this is due to my feeling that i would not fit in

i legitimately think that this forum is causing me to get more frustrated or cranky due to its toxicity, but i dont intend to quit or take a break from these forums anytime soon

November - December 2017. I joined here Jun 2017, I remember very well when it started, but it was little. Mid 2018 it really started.

i don’t even know what happened
appledoo told me this isn’t what she wanted to cause

same :confused:

I came from 2017 (@PF94), shortly before the forum went into shit.

this place sucks now

True, but I was considering to quit MG recently until I gave it one final chance.

i’m thinking about packing my bags and leaving once escargot’s yahoo support is a thing

meh, ill give it a last chance, and if some random drama comes in thats way worse than the previous ones and somehow gets the whole forum in a civil war (i predict that could happen soon), then ill give myself the boot

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i’ll probably leave for good once wlm 2009 comes out because that thread is the only reason i still visit

I actually have no clue what happened, I’ve been doing a lot of things lately so I haven’t checked this forum for like a month


it’s me, again. i might as well come back, but i might change my mind or smthin

I’ve been wanting to come back here for some time, but every time I enter to lurk a bit, I just see the front page flooded with Raw and Random topics.

Dunno about the drama, but seeing there aren’t many interesting things (or at least as many there used to be) to talk about is kinda sad…