What's happening with Escargot today?


I’m not able to connect myself on msn today :open_mouth: i recieve an error 80048821 :frowning:


Same, everything was working fine several minutes ago


Ohh i hope it will be fixed soon :frowning:


Its probably only a server maintenance


Escargot is on a wobbling status for some users right now.

EDIT/PS: Changed Title of thread to confuse with the actual MSN Today feature.


I just got error 80048821: Email/Password incorrect.

PS: seems to affect the people who just logged on, they can’t, they get a error message.


I got the same problem after I restarted my computer tonight :frowning:


I have a friend which is having the same problem, he can’t log in.


I just logged in, it took 2 minutes, not checked TWN login yet, thats what the newer messenger versions use,
Upd8: TWN is currenty too slow to login with.

yellows111@winmessenger47.escargot - Add Me on Escargot!


It works again, for now.
OMG, adding a contact takes ages…


like i updated my post with, TWN is basiclly unusable.
MD5 Login took a long tiime just to get to the contacts screen.


What is TWN and MD5?


2 of the 5? login protocols that Messenger used.


Here we go again…


I have the same problem :frowning:


Mine is not working either :frowning:


Who are the developers of Escargot so we can ask them if they know waht is happening?


@valtron is the Escargot developer, but is in vacation and we don’t know in what moment will reappear, and why you was inactive all of this time?


What do you mean I was inactive?


I mean, without posting anything