What's been going on with Escargot Spaces for the past 3 months?


Well, we’ve been stumped.

I’ve tried my best to resolve the email situation, especially considering that I’ve ended up locking myself out of my administrator account (for the site; I can still access the servers just fine), and to no avail. But the deploy version of Escargot Spaces I have up can send emails as normal, so I know it’s either the WordPress install on the main site acting up or GoDaddy playing mind tricks on us.

I’ve been considering negotiating with @MichaelPower about upgrading our current server plan (and from listening to others, switching server providers altogether) for a more unrestricted environment when it comes to dealing with issues like these. We are currently on a shared server plan, and we are now aware of the issues it poses for sites like Escargot Spaces. However, I didn’t decide on upgrading yet because I wanted to see if I could attempt to fix the issue on the surface, which backfired. I think it’s time we upgrade our infrastructure.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope this issue gets fixed and we can finally fix that dashboard bug. :slight_smile:


So I’ve found a way to reset my password from the Spaces database, and hopefully I should be able to get admin access to the site again by tomorrow.

However, the email issue will still be present, and the server/host switch will still be considered, but at least I can nick the dashboard bug in the process. :stuck_out_tongue: