Whats a good use for a server

idk what to do with it

webserver, game server, idk ts3 server?

Host a site?

The server Grumpz mentions is actually a Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine that i host for him. He was planning to use it as a “MSN server” but since he never got any help for a error he had, so he’s trying to have other uses for it.


Whats a good, easy to use web server?

Trexion… (I think)

Where do i find it?

ask trekie


Do a team fortress 2 server

Trexion isn’t a webserver software lmao

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Apache, it’s easy to use.
However I see you are running Windows Server 2008, so you can go either with IIS (built into Windows) or nginx.

I want epic web server.

It’s actually windows server 2008 R2

Oops, my bad.
That has IIS as well, and I’m pretty sure nginx can run on it as well.

I do not recommend using IIS for now, https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/microsoft-iis-servers-hacked-by-blue-mockingbird-to-mine-monero/ read this.

I use IIS for my webserver and I have found no exploits and or security problems so far.

wow what a stupid comment i made

well for me its running in a VM, and its all passworded with a good password. plus its private. so i have a bit of security.