What ya'll doin right now?

i’m eating chips and sitting on my pc, and just figured out what a homestuck is.

ssh’ing to a server every now and then because i am amazed i have an root perms account on a server.

doing homework
https://prezi.com/eml03g2jh0sx/uniones-fijas-y-desmontables/ (In spanish)


all you have to do now is read


Scrolling home feed on Twitter :smile:

doing J4J on Driscord™️

just got to that point where it’s now like “ahahahahah look guys its weird demon things”

in short, trolls

i’m jus chilling and talking to my boyfriend on discord :sunglasses:

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watching youtube :eyes:

awesome B)

very much awesome B)



quality content.


listening to a Francesca Michielin’s song and lookin fer some people to talk to on MSN. pablopereira.hoquei@gmail.com

currently chillin, eating pizza and watching vids on a friiiiday night :sunglasses:

currently rewatching part 3 of jjba since it just released to netflix


Trying do good animations on Pivot Animator.