What versions is those of msn?

What msn versions is those for android???

those are official clients, or just third party “chinese” clients?

and here is a way, to revive it?

i tried, but i dont found any urls or domains what can i change. so its r.i.p :frowning:
or anyone pls help for me to decompile the whole file because i want to find some “urls” so i can have a chance to connect to escargot and then have fun with the old msn clients.

Mercury messenger is the only name my brain cells can work with for phones but The other versions are like 7.5 8 1.0. Yeah you know.

But also how do we register to get in Windows live?

No. My question was is those clients are official by microsoft or just third party clients.

No. Microsoft had that as official from them

I do remember a offical J2ME (java mobile) and iOS app but not a Android app sadly :frowning:

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