What need to make 8.1 workable with voice calls?

i know what versions 8.1 and 8.5 can’t use voice calls like in 7 version i also know what it working only on your wifi but we have somethin what can improve things to get fully functional voice and video things for us?

It’s not an issue with the version of MSN you have, it’s more of a general networking issue and how people behind routers (NATs) can’t do things like initiate voice calls (or anything P2P related). Unless you had a modem connection and your contacts also followed suit, or unless you and your contacts have an ALG on your routers, you’re out of options. :confused:

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i havin ALG on modem turned on but damn i prefer LAN Connection for better speed hmm well if calls on other versions work only on your wifi, can you get around this without using hamachi or other programs?

I understand where you’re coming from with LAN being faster. Then again, your contacts would also have to have direct modem access too, and I see that as highly unlikely in this day of age.

As for me, I’m stuck with some stupid all-in-one router thing my provider gave me, so even if I tried I couldn’t play around with the P2P stuff myself with other people outside my network.

for my part, I have people who can do just that, but the question is: will this help?

If you’re more comfortable with LAN, then I won’t force you to use anything else lol. Just saying. Otherwise you could give voice calls a go if you wanted.

(update: made a pretty minor change to the title to avoid making people thinking it’s for Windows 8.1)

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Uh… no one was confused?