What makes youngsters that hop on the retro bandwagon attracted to late 90s - mid 2000s messengers, and Internet in general?


yeah, but i said the moderns ones i know about. Yes that includes steam since steam modernized the Chat. Which i call it Steamcord.


Because there’s a lot of kids from the actual generation that are very obssesed with retro things.


I have the same question, most of the people use because of nostalgia, or has used it before and liked it. But why does people who didn’t lived that era, or hasn’t used MSN in the old times are here, why? Because there’s a lot more useful, modern and functional softwares for chatting nowadays you know… So, why?


Why ? Because Kids that didn’t lived in that era wants to try MSN and see how it looks and feel.


Edited the thread to make my specific case more clear.


Maybe because they want to experience those times themselves? The problem is that some are trying too hard to pretend that they are in those times. Honestly, I prefer using Escargot casually sometimes eg. if someone can’t access Discord or when Discord is down, and I find WLM to be a great backup for that (i’m not a fan of stuff like Facebook Messenger)


I’m 18 so i grew up using with things like Pre-2010s Youtube, msn messenger, etc. I just like the fact that i can experience these old software again thanks to these people that revive apps, sites, etc


as i said


Honestly i use MSN because i have actually used it in the past like in the 2010 or 2011 2012ish and i really miss it so then i found escargot and yeahhhh since then i kept using it i really like msn and i really cant wait for the 2009 and 2012 because thats what i used the most but still the current latest version is still nostalgic !


That’s exactly the kind of people I was trying to describe. Along with another certain kind of group. :stuck_out_tongue:


me too no use much MSN, WLM or AIM


i just use it cuz i used messenger reviver lamo


I heard of this place through Michael MJD’s video on MSN.




nobody can’t understant it
but retro is cool


i personally used it back in 2017 just to see how it worked and for the aesthetics.

i actually talked to deathlife and babymcsheep on discord. god do i regret it. the toxicity was too much.


Note that I meant when the services were in operation by their respective companies, not from revivals.


Because little kids will use trendy stuff, even if they don’t like it. Why? Good question. Maybe because they think they’ll fit with older people and that’d make them “cool”? In some way? Idk


i’m a kid 12 years old, i no use this softwares for seemes cool but i like it


I’m 14 and NOBODY of my peers does not consider it shabby. Rather poor. They want to seem older due to smoking and alcohol