What makes youngsters that hop on the retro bandwagon attracted to late 90s - mid 2000s messengers, and Internet in general?

When I ask “What makes youngsters attracted to late 90s - mid 2000s messengers, and Internet in general?”, I don’t mean youngsters that have used these services in their time period, regardless of how they did so, and seek for revivals for a nostalgia blast after their prime or ones who are genuinely interested in them because they personally find the modern Internet tasteless or feel that the products from these time periods are much more fun. I mean ones that just stumble across these revivals, hop on the retro bandwagon, and use it because “it’s retro”, despite not using them back when they were actually in operation and not having actual interest in the products they’re using. They just use it and nothing else.

And I notice that a trend from most of these people are that they aren’t the best kind of people to be around. They’re either rude, nasty, or annoying, and we’ve had cases from users on here that have been any of the three to others and are around their teens or younger (e.g., @Deathlife23, BabyMcSheep, and a few other folks I’ve seen on this forum and a few other revival services). Not that youngsters that have used these services back then or have actual interest can’t be the same, but for the ones who haven’t, it’s common.

So the question remains, what makes these kids lured in to these revivals if it’s just to hop on a bandwagon rather than actual interest or nostalgia of the source material back then fueling it, and why is it common for them to act like jerks?


@OhHelloThereImTheGuy hmm… i like old things that I never tried and at the time they worked I had no conscience that they would end up or have any idea that they existed,i was a five-year-old boy and he was not that smart to the point that I knew they were going to go down, not wanting to be rude. have a nice day :wink:

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Nice, but I’m talking about youngsters that don’t have the actual interest to use these things, which isn’t the case for you. So question still unanswered.

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all right let’s find the answer

I just knew a lot of people who had used AIM, and thought “fuck it, I wanna try it, it looks fun”

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I like to try old,stuff like aim yahoo msn etc

OK, but what made you interested in that in the first place?

Dont know,for example i first saw,aim and i think hmmmmmmmm looks interesthing i will try so yeah.

Where did you hear about AIM? :stuck_out_tongue:

From here

And where did you find out about MessengerGeek? That one video, again?

No ,from escargot.And i actually was,scared to make an account here before i even did that

I’m interested in those, because I want to see how it feels to use it.

Yeah. That’s why I use MSN :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just cuz i love instant messengers :stuck_out_tongue:

Grew up with Windows Live Messenger.
Found out that it was called MSN Messenger originally.
Down the rabbit hole I went.

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I realy loves old times. I dob’t know why/ but i realy enjoy of use it. And i talk not only about internet and software. There clothes, music and other…

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I like MSN Messenger but i’m inactive on escargot and most activity from me comes from “flame wars”.

I appreciate the people speaking out that they actually have an interest in this stuff, but the question is regarding the youngsters that haven’t (gotten to) used this stuff when it was still available and just stumble upon it and use it to be “cool”.

The thing is most parents are scared of their youngsters chatting on strangers on like Steam/Discord/Skype/Facebook’s Messenger/iMessage/WhatsApp/Hangouts/Allo/Duo?/etc.

Same could be said for MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, etc.

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