What is your favourite Windows version?

Windows XP,Windows 7,and Vista(only Ultimate)

Well, let’s update my list (with OS mods):

  1. Windows Ice Seven v1 Extreme
  2. Windows Ice XP v6 Advanced
  3. Windows Longhorn
  4. Windows Vista
  5. Windows 8.1

OS mods are boring.

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You never tested Ice mods.

Yes, I have.

List (in no order. Anything in this list are my favourites. i have multiples)

  1. Windows 8.0
  2. Windows 8 Developer Preview
  3. Windows 10
  4. Windows 8.1
  5. Windows XP
  6. Windows XP Black Edition 2014
  7. Windows 7
  8. Windows Vista Beta 2
  9. Windows Whistler Build 2428
  10. Sigma OS (Customized Longhorn)
  11. Windows Vista
  12. Windows 8 Release Preview
  13. Windows 10 betas from 2014
  14. Windows 2000
  15. Windows Chicago builds from 1993/early-1994
  16. Windows Vista Build 5048
  17. Windows XP LSD (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoukMXzDoqc)

Windows 10

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My favorites versions are Windows 7 and XP.

i like Sigma OS too

my favorite and the best windows is:

And Vista is bullshit

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u wot m8

vista’s good, you just don’t like it because it looks different and you’ve seen only negative reviews of it


No not because loook only.

1 Bug, ok sp2 fix same bugs but not so stable than XP
2 - Not so fast XP or 7

3 : vista go to hell

use it on a high end computer

My favourite Windows versions are XP, 7 and 10 so far. :smile:

For those who like, add me: badlands@hotmail.com (from Argentina, speaks spanish/english/some portuguese)

Windows Linux

  1. The reason why Vista flopped was because everyone was upgrading WAY too fast, and the new drivers didn’t came out, so everyone was using their old Windows XP drivers, which weren’t fully compatible with Vista. Windows 7 maybe fixed this issue
    I think this also applied to Windows ME (with old windows 98 drivers), but i can’t prove that as Windows ME was shit and unstable.

  2. Have you tried it on the same PC? I’ve never seen Vista being that slow.

  3. “vista go to hell”… Hmmm, Is that some generic term i see everywhere on YouTube comment sections whenever the topic is Vista?

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ofc it isn’t as fast as XP or 7, the reason being that everybody immediately jumped to vista with 512MB of RAM without thinking about all the new features that were added. by the time 7 came out, the computer world had adapted to the more demanding specs

no i get in 2007 computer new with fast processor pentium dual core 1.6ghz and 2GB RAM DDR2 and so slow

with xp no, in 2008 install in this computer xp
now and since only xp.
vista = trash

ah yes, because every computer made 2007 and after is legally required to ship with vista