What is this?

i fear that’s a virus
and maybe @mohamadd711 disconnected in the chat and he don’t gived me the explanation video :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

can i see the icon

Hmm why not go check on your antivirus

i’ll open it anyways

run it in a vm

It looks legit to me, although sending it to VirusTotal is always a quick way to check any executable.

Another thing you can check is to see if it has a digital signature and if it is valid. To do that, bring up the Properties for the file, click the Digital Signatures tab, click the signature in the list and then choose Details.

If it says the digital signature is OK, then the file is 100% identical to when it was signed, in this example above that it was signed by Microsoft and that it hasn’t changed since the signing date of July of 2000. So with this you know that it’s the same file that was released when they signed it, and that it’s legitimate (if you trust Microsoft anyway).

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Thank you @TReKiE that worked but i’m on windows 7 and it shoots me the compatibility error

look i made a test on a vm but not all contres and languges are sopported> if you havw win7 en us it may work

but servers are shutdown. but i well have an idea its like this ok. like you are trying to kill a fly but you can’t and befor msn explorer 2000 did not need a suspsrinton in v 7.0.0 you need to subscribe to msn>

edit : but memeber center has the latest vir and made the tast it did not have a virus it was the offcal installer.

THX bro, just i needed som explanation