What is the link for SuTubo

I heard about a video hosting service like SuTubo, but for some reason I can’t find their official website, can someone tell me what it is from? and what link does SuTubo have

sutubo.tk dont worry its filled with retards

For some reason, I’m throwing it on youtube, apparently the Russian authorities have limited access to this site … When will I finally leave Raska from it …

america too :confused:

Oh well … America is super. Compared with Russia, even a homeless person can create something unique in Amerika, and in Russia robbery monopolies rule here in Russia

thats what you think lol. in reality america is filled to the brim with retards, antivaxxers, karens, mcdonalds, donald trump supporters, feminists that call men pigs even though they are striving for equality, hows that equality, and other things that are retarded

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And guns


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(featuring school shootings)

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