What is RUN_AFTER_INSTALL and what does it look like?

i don’t know it will destroy my computer

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hi @Jetix64 the RUN_AFTER_INSTALL thats can help with escargot. the RUN_AFTER_INSTALL it means, you installed windows live messenger. you can right-click and select Run as adminitrator then select Patch all when you patch all it mean. it can be fixed all these error message. or sign in error. it also gives you cool games to play with your friends. and also its gives you MSN whether, youtube, facebook, and Escargot Forums. you can also you can do anything you want, you can now enjoy with you instant messaging. please let me know if you know that.

@Jetix64 it’s like a patch that connect’s to the escargot server

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basically patching software

i dont understand why the changed the old way --the prepached .exe-- they used to be

and gave us this thing ro run after installation

im using it on 7 and i dont think that it works even it says that its patched …

Mostly server changes

Because we’d have to unpack and repack over 400 MSIs, it was just easier this way for now, especially until we finalise all we want to patch first. It’d be asinine to re-patch 400+ MSIs then need to do it all over again as we make changes, when instead for now we can just update the zip files RUN_AFTER_INSTALL.

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ok thanks for the info man!

This is the file that the patches unsupported MSN Messenger 1.0-7.5 and Windows Live Messenger 8.1-2009.