What is happening on AIM

i can’t sign in to AIM. when i try to sign on it says my password is incorrect even though my password is correct

AIM died on December 15th… are you referring to wildman’s server?

I don’t exactly know about the protocol servers, but it looks like the site is completely unaccessible as it tries to fetch a MySQL database from localhost, so possibly, either @Wildman_Fujiami is doing maintenance work or his configuration is screwed up.

hopefully he didn’t delete some accounts

Hopefully it’s the first one :frowning:

AIM is back up.

i know i just signed on

guys its working now!!

plus the website have a favicon

But yahoo still is offline. Hopefully they are working on chat rooms

Yeah, about that…

Although the chat categories are archived and complete, the rooms held within those categories is another story.

So when you select a Yahoo! Chat category from Yahoo! Messenger, it’ll make a connection to http://insider.msg.yahoo.com/ycontent/chatroom_*, with * being the ID of the category the client will pull its individual chatrooms and their lobbies from. From trying to scavenge these chatroom/lobby listings for all of the categories both on the Wayback Machine and on Google, I’ve had luck to only find two of them from the Wayback, one of which is for a category not available in public archives of the category listings, and the category for the chatroom/lobby listing that I could find is too specific to even be considered implemented when everything else is missing, so it won’t work out in the end unless all of the chatroom/lobby listings for all of the categories can be assembled.

And while there is @ChetSimpson, who did state in one of his Yahoo! Messenger project showcase videos that he had an archive of the chat categories and their chatroom/lobby listings, one, I’m not exactly sure if he has all of the chatroom/lobby listings for all of the categories yet, and two, he isn’t active on here as far as I know, and I don’t know where else to contact him, if he’s even active anywhere else. If he does show signs of activity, then I’ll see if I can negotiate about getting a complete listing of chatrooms and their lobbies for all of the categories (if that’s even possible).

So unless a miracle happens, we’re not going to have Yahoo! Chat features up anytime soon.

i’m guessing they’re very hard to recreate

With the current resources we have right now, pretty much.