What IM is more exciting to revive?

  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger
  • Other (say it in the comments)
  • Skype

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For me it was a hard battle inbetween AIM and Yahoo, but I decided Yahoo has a bit of more interesting features.

Does AIM Phoenix still alive?

You did read the title correct, right? I said which one is more exciting. And yes, AIM Phoenix is still a thing.


Well, I still thinking that Windows Live Messenger is, for me, the most exciting

Yeah, I thought about it, but not really enough features or interesting designs to grasp me in. Doesn’t mean I don’t really like it though.

AOL Phoenix is just, bruh. you have to port forward to even send files (at least for the sender) sooo yeah.

That’s not Wildman’s fault. That’s a side effect of old applications not being NAT-friendly (aka most people connecting under routers and AIM not accommodating to that scenario). At least AIM is friendly enough to have its P2P features working by port forwarding. MSN’s P2P webcam is hit or miss (at least on MSN 6/7 and above it depends on if you and your contacts routers are UPnP-capable or if you’re on cable modems) and we’ve yet to get its voice chat working outside of a LAN setting.

looking further into it, i feel like the whole post I sent was just dumb lolza.

At least you’re being enlightened. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now i’m thinking, “Can you send files without port forwarding but using dial up?” and probably the answer is yes because Dial-Up was commonly used around the time with AIM

Plus it’s pretty much you connecting to the open internet since you’re almost always using a modem, so there’s no worry of any port forwarding whatsoever.

(Routers can also accommodate with their own application layer gateways, aka ALGs, but that varies on the router provider and I doubt most support legacy protocols these days)

I usually switch networks or have to manually allow alot of programs because my network uses pfsense and alot of stuff triggers a l a r m s , which forces me to wait an hour before using the program again

i think c6 messenger (and all its versions) would be very nice to revive

In my opinion, I feel as if reviving the older versions of Skype is more interesting than anything else. :stuck_out_tongue:


sounds neat :smile:

it uses p2p, its basically a more modern version of netmeeting, skype 6 and 7 use msnp, and skype 8 uses electron

IRC lol

ik this is a joke because irc dosent exist anymore

Well, it’s underrated, which is sad.