What if? questions

Here, post any What if? questions and answers.
Here i’ll start mine:
What if microsoft decided to stick with old things and kept supporting them?

escargot,wouldn’t exists
but MG would be a healthy place

what if microsoft never ended windows xp?

Then people would have continue using it

What if there is an outside world?

then there are no houses

What if I didn’t exist?

No idea.

Oops! Wrong Answer.

THE correct answer waaaaaasssss…

what if trekkie died? (i’ll sure miss him)

Rip him and this forum

what if no messengers left and no revivals?

We would use IRC to chat

what if irc also not existed

There are many other chat protocols out there, XMPP, Matrix, and many more that don’t come to my mind right now.

what if all of the protocols never existed

we would create them

but what if we cant?

we will figure out how to

but what if internet or computers dont existed or even, everything?