What i am getting for chrishmas:

Huion H610PRO V2
and if i am lucky i might get a galaxy buds
UPDATE: i wont get a galaxy buds until my birthday

What about you everyone?

I am getting a XP-PEN. I am also getting those new Game and Watches that Nintendo made for Mario’s 35th anniversary.

Hm, graphics tablets sure are popular these days. I’m with you though, I love pen computing. Too bad my actual drawing abilities are pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, who did the MessengerGeek snow logo then?

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Yeah, you’re not alone, I also don’t draw well.

Tbh nothing but in 2021 new gaming laptop I need to expand my work flow.

xp pen? which model?

star g640

this one?

I might get a Xbox One controller so I can play Roblox with it…

probably money

firefox nightly 86.0a1




pvz in lego

you could have got a 360 controller

Nothing, haha, i find myself a bit old to get gifts.