What did you get for Christmas? (2021 edition)

xbox controller and razer mousepad that lights up

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i’m not sure if early or late gifts count.


jk, i’m getting a Gan Air SM too (i’m a speedcuber soooo…) ( •́ ‿ •̀ )

$50 Barnes and Noble gift card, $25 Walmart gift card, a Kit-Kat, and the Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy CD


Even though this was before Christmas, I got 300 euros and I spent it on computer parts.

I got a PS5!

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  • Acer Aspire A515-55 (laptop, not gonna be my main because grandparents)
  • pretzels (what the fuck)
  • washing products???
  • chocolate stuff
  • large-ass owl stock image mouse pad
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me too

Nice. Me too. I Got PS5 too!

nice life sagad.

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I got nothing to be honest lol.

I got The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD (Nintendo Switch)

Excuse me, I’m not a Sagad ali.


old computer & bart simpson funko pop

Ohh cool!

2 usb Dualshocks because i have a PS2 Emulator

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i have same xbox lol

non-flashed? that’s a pain in the ass bc i should buy licensed disks for it lol (and bc of this i play only max payne 3 lol)

there is a lot of flashed xbox 360 on avito or youla but i choose 360 e for some reason