What did you get for Christmas? (2020)

I got no money, but my brother gifted me a new phone for Christmas!

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Pokémon Cards (got some rares.)
Mushroom Lamp

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  1. Cheap smart watch
  2. Cheap drawing tablet
  3. Some tripod-esque thing I can’t use because tethering.
  4. A Rubik’s void that got damaged 2 days after I got it.

Let me explain it to you in a simple way.

a switch

huion h610peo v2 for new year

i got a 35th anniversary mario game and watch, and a XP-PEN Star G640

My Christmas gift was to send R $ 1,000 brazilians (192,24 USD) to help my ex girlfriend pay for her mother’s surgery.


Ok so my christmas present was:

1x Mcgrey PASA-118 Active PA Subwoofer from amazon
2x Mcgrey DJ-2522 Dj Speakers
2x SpeakON Speaker cable for connecting

and the system is really loud. It looks like malone speakers, but it sounds like a pro system so it dont feel cheap. Search on internet if you are interested.

Only 100 reais from my aunt, im gonna get an ipega 9087 for my phone with it