What computer is the best?

What retro computer is the best?

reply with what you think is the best computer!

From 2003!

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in my opinion , imac G3

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I agree with you there. The design of it looks awesome, especially the Bondi Blue coloured one. Nowadays Apple products look all boring, shiny and the same. I don’t know about the specs or anything though, so I’m not sure if it is that powerful for the time.

yes it is , it have a powerpc g3

iBook G4

also , powerbook g4 and ibook g3

i meant computer! not era!

Best retro is pentium 4 socket 478 because is not many hot

A Hewlett-Packard Vectra!! :stuck_out_tongue:

or old packard bell in europe

Just adding a bunch of useless stuff because MessengerGeek thinks that my sentence is incomplete, so finally, after some blah blah blah here is the message I was trying to send: ENIAC