Ween has gone too far

I didn’t notice this until now, entirely wrong person. He hasn’t been doing anything.
@TReKiE I’m not in the same family as him, I’ve just known him for a while. I haven’t seen him online or anything since the last topic he made.

You mean the whole antics of making a new account called GraphingPaper thing?


Wait, are you telling me that Graphing is WLMKid or i just misunderstood?

hold up, this is. WLMkid?

wait what the fuck

  1. my boi got roasted
  2. it isnt that surprising

Oh I didn’t realize this would garner such attention. I think it’s the same person, there’s certainly good evidence for it, and at the very least both users are from the same connection.

I’m not worried about that generally, but when it appears you’re causing drama about yourself (or maybe one of your family members), it’s time to ask questions, and this seemed like the right opportunity to end that one before it started.

Excuse-me wtf?