Watch my PC specs ^^


ummm, wdym

Uhm, what!?

Watch my specs?

uhhh… what

y’all ever considered he meant “watch me”

watch him open system properties task manager and directx diagnostics on his windows xp computer?

Cool pc tho

Aw Oh :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve thought something else when i first saw the title ·_____·

Fixed it

@Maxime what patch are you using to get 7.2 GB of RAM ?

maybye he using Win XP 64bit with Posready Updates

i didnt know there was an x64 version of posready 2009

You didn’t know

How? how did you get 8gb and dx 11?

maxime is bannend from the forum for posting viruses

nossa… :astonished: não quero pensar que vocé seja retarded mas falar do XP64 tendo a imagen no topo que mostra claramente o SP3…#facepalm