VPN for XP free unlimited no log?

Hello you know good vpn for xp free wihout limit?

I dont think so there’s a FREE unlimited VPN. If yes then that’s atom slow and unusable.
Maybe hotspot shield?

hotspot shield not work in my XP because need upgrade

not other?

thank i try it

Unlimited free VPNs should be avoided - they do not offer the same privacy as a paid VPN or limited free VPN that profits from selling paid licenses.

The best free limited VPN, in my opinion, is Kaspersky Secure Connection. And about paid VPN, I indicate Express VPN.

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I’m not really of a VPN guy, I don’t think the heavily-advertised-on-youtube NordVPN works on XP.

you know this vpn ?

maybe pay this vpn really low price (better price than nord vpn and expressvpn)

Hola VPN, i know, there is a paid version that is better, but i didn’t see any limitation on FREE version exept the protect thingy


Heard Hola VPN takes your IP and puts it up as a VPN IP when you use one of their VPN IPs, which is probably someone’s elses.

Still, don’t know if this is actually true or false.

i find securitykiss is free
but limit 300mb / days

not fast in P2P but for little files is nice

is done!
i 'm choice “VPN Air” is best price and speed and working