Voiceclips in 7.5

Does anyone know if the voiceclip feature in MSN Messenger 7.5 is working right now? Or if not if it is possible to get this working again?

Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t work, crashes when I try it. Added an issue: Recording voice clips crashes MSN (#10) · Issues · Escargot / Escargot Server · GitLab.

Interestingly enough, voice calls worked for me, but I was chatting with myself on the same computer.


I was using voiceclips today (with @JoSch actually) just fine here (Win10 16199).


Interesting… Yes @TReKiE tried to do voiceclips with me on 7.5 and it worked just fine. It only asked to open up through firewall for some reason. Voice calls… That would be cool. I could try that as well. I wonder if cams work too?.

Good to know it works. I’ll assume it doesn’t work for me because of the unholy things I did to my 7.5 and I’m too lazy to try it on a proper install. Closing the issue for now.

@JoSch TReKiE talked about how video worked and from what I understand it needs some other MSN proxy server, so I don’t think it would work now. But feel free to test it, I myself don’t have a webcam.