Voice calls in 8.5

Does MSN 8.5 supports voice calls?

Video calls are not supported on escargot

Please see:

Voice and video calls are not working yet. It says “Connecting…” but does not happen anything.
After port forwarding still does not work the video call.
You can use voice call if you call your partner when he will be online instantly but you will get same problem.

Yes, they are working. (well video calls are anyways) You must’ve set it up wrong. I made a YouTube video on it working.
PS: My tripod fell over so many times during that video, and it falling over caused me to do an accidental face reveal. Oh well. :cat2:

can you send me it please?

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mhm… In 8.5 no… I’m using older version like 7.0 or 6.2 because at least you can call people who are in your LAN

idk how u did the webcam test cause i always try the webcam with nojus but never works lol